Ankara may have made its debut as a fabric used for making clothes, but it has since long moved from that stereotype. Over the years, this African fabric has evolved into being used to make other accessories. These accessories are so beautiful they can be rocked with different clothing patterns.

Here are some creative Ankara accessories for the trendy and stylish.

1. Footwears
Ankara fabric is used in making footwears ranging from shoes, slippers and sandals to designs on already made footwear.

2. Bags
From the big “mama’s bag” to the small ones, Ankara bags are beautiful to behold and would definitely look elegant on you.


3. Bead
If you want to adorn your hands and neck, then Ankara beads would do the magic for you.

4. Bangles
Bangles are also readily made accessory from the Ankara fabric.

5. Hand fans
Ankara fabric can also be used in producing hand fans which come handy during the dry season ( when there’s heat).


6. Phone/IPad cases
I know you’d  love your phones and/or IPads to look enchanting. Why not change its case to an Ankara made one? I bet you would love the look.

7. Souvenir/Notebooks
You can make that your event a memorable one by giving out souvenirs made from the Ankara fabric. It could be notebooks, jotters etc . Just make sure it’s from Ankara and your guests would keep the memory of your events evergreen in their hearts.

8. Belts
If you are a guy, then you should consider adorning your waist with an Ankara belt. It’d look good on you.

9. Rings

Why not consider a beautifully designed ring form Ankara fabric for your wedding? Or even if you don’t want that, I’m sure Ankara rings would look good on your fingers and make you stand out.

10. Earrings : Ankara earrings in different sizes and types, are good to behold.

11. Hair band

Ankara hair band can complement can bring out the beauty in your dressing.

You can as well get other Ankara products and accessories like, hair piece, purses, chamberlain, flower brooch, ties, sun shades, and clutches.

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