It’s the era of the natural hair. More than ever, Africans especially Nigerians are proud of growing their natural hair. If you stepped out of your home, before getting to the first junction, you’d probably spot a woman proudly wearing her hair without any extensions. However, knowing how to maintain your natural hair isn’t always easy. You might experience some difficulties trying to figure it out.

Worry not, Shakara Naija is here to help you out.

5 easy ways to maintain your natural hair

  1. Moisturize it

Leaving your hair completely dry isn’t in your best interest. Keep it damp. This is especially important in the course of oil and cream treatments. When damp, your hair absorbs the treatments you apply to it, much better than when its dry.

  1. Trim regularly

The average Nigerian girl wants her hair to grow as fast as possible. So, trimming it is a no-no. But that’s counterproductive. If you want to maintain your natural hair like a pro, you need to have it trimmed from time to time, to make the length even. But don’t make use of regular scissors; it might leave your hair damaged. Make use of hair shears instead.

  1. Wash with shampoo

The African hair is dry, and tends to stay that way if you don’t do anything about it. You should wash it, but not too often. A thorough shampoo wash once a week is a good idea. Have it conditioned deeply shortly after. Pay attention to the brittle ends, and allow the moisture to be restored before washing it off.

  1. Apply oil

Oil is your hair’s best friend. Don’t let it go a day without applying oil on it. Oil helps to seal the moisture your hair needs. Rub the oil properly to ensure that every part gets a good amount of it.

  1. Keep moisture leeches off

The sun, wool hat, and pillowcases amongst other things don’t want your hair to be great. Keep your hair away from them by wearing a satin cap to sleep. If you want to hear a hat, put on a silk scarf to prevent direct contact.

Your African hair is beautiful by default. Taking these steps to maintain your natural will make it even more beautiful.

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